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7th World Congress on Immunology (pgr) S

Apr 19, 2018 - 09:00 AM - Apr 20, 05:00 PM
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Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport 800 Rijnlanderweg 2132 NN Hoofddorp Netherlands
Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport800 Rijnlanderweg2132 NN HoofddorpNetherlands,

ZIP: Netherlands


About Conference

Pulsus Group invites all the participants from all over the world to attend "7th World Congress on Immunology" on April 19-20, 2017 at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Conference includes prompt keynote presentations, Workshops, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

Immunology conferences will gather people from academia, business and societies interested in immunology to share the latest trends and important issues relevant to immunology & related fields. Immunology world 2018 will provide the platform to meet global leaders in Immunology and relevant fields to hear their research at this exclusive scientific program. The Immunology Conference hosting presentations from editorial board members of prominent refereed journals, renowned and active investigators and decision makers in the field of Immunology. Immunology World 2018 Organizing Committee also invites Young investigators at every career stage to submit abstracts reporting their latest scientific findings in oral and poster sessions.

Why to attend?

Immunology conferences are leading annual conferences happening around the world. Immunology world 2018, the two days of the congress will host 50 Scientific and technical sessions on cutting edge research and latest research innovations in the field of Immunology and biomedical sciences across the globe. The attendees can find

  • Exclusive Sessions and Panel discussions on latest innovations in Immunology and Biomedical sciences
  • Lectures by the active Investigators
  • Keynote forums by Renowned Immunologists
  • Speaker Forum
  • Poster Sessions on latest Innovation in all the relevant Areas
  • Open Innovation Challenges
  • Poster Sessions on every career stage
  • Young Research Forum
  • Post-Doctoral Career Development Session
  • B2B Meetings
  • Global Networking with 50+ Countries
  • Novel techniques to benefit your research
  • Best platform for Global business and Networking opportunities
  • Meet the editors of refereed journals, Society and Association members across the Globe
  • Excellent platform to showcase the latest products in Immunology and affiliates

We wanted to let you know the Immunology World- 2018, is happening soon. Sign up today and attend all two days that make up this exclusive conference. Don't miss this opportunity to hear the latest discoveries and networking opportunity with global experts.

Sessions and Tracks

Innate immunity

Innate immune responses are not specific to a particular pathogen or non-self-ingredient in the way that the adaptive immune responses are. They depend on a group of proteins and phagocytic cells that recognize conserved features of pathogens and become quickly activated to help destroy invaders. The innate immune system is essentially made up of barriers that aim to keep viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other foreign particles out of your body or limit their ability to spread and move throughout the body.

Defense Mechanisms

General Immune Responses

Phagocytes & Macrophages

The Complement System

Host-Pathogen Interactions

Pathogen sensing and restriction

Pathological inflammation in response to microbes


Regulation of T/B cell responses

For immunomodulation and suppression of immune responses it needs regulation of immune cells. As Aberrant T/B cell responses developed wide range of diseases, including asthma and allergy and autoimmune diseases and many immunological disorders as T/B cells are the main route of the immune response ans its very important to regulate there function by different mechanism .

Immune Regulator


Signalling Pathways

Suppression & Stabilization of T/B Cells


Adaptive immunity

The adaptive immune system, also known as the acquired immune response which is more specific immune response then the innate immune response. Adaptive immune response is composed of highly specialized, systemic cells and processes that eliminate or prevent pathogen growth. It having ability to recognize specific pathogens more efficiently which creates immunological memory after an initial response to a specific pathogen and lead to an enhanced response to subsequent encounters with that same pathogen.

Immunological memory

Vaccine development

Immune Responses: Primary and Secondary

Germinal centres

Affinity maturation & Selection

Antibody - mediated immunity

Infectious Diseases and Immune System

Infectious diseases are disorders caused by organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites and immune system recognise them as non-self-antigen and produce immune response against them to protect our host cell from harmful infections.

Tropical infections
Viral infections
Surgical Site Infections
Fungal infections
Infections Prevention and Control

Immunological basis for Immunization disease

The Immunological Basis for immunization was initially developed in 1993 as a set of eight modules focusing on the vaccines included in the Expanded Programme on immunization (EPI). It’s the development of the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy of Immunization disease.

Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Immunological Responses to Immunization

Immunization Series

Current Research on Immunization

Global Immunization Vision and Strategy

Clinical immunology

Clinical immunology is the study of diseases caused by disorders of the immune system. It also involves diseases of other systems, where immune reactions play a part in the pathology and clinical features of immune response. In the Clinical immunology the molecular and cellular bases of immunological disease mostly studied.

Clinical Laboratory Immunology
Immunological Disease
Primary Immunodeficiency

Cellular Immunology

Cellular Immunology is a broad area of in vitro and in vivo studies of cellular immune responses in the immune system. In the Cellular Immunology mostly study the mechanisms that regulate innate and adaptive functions of dendritic cells (DCs) during priming of T cells immunity on the cellular level.

Diagnostic Immunology
Cellular and Molecular Immunology Research
Molecular & Cellular Immunology

Regional Immunology
Regional Immunology offers a new approach to communication in the field of immunology. The stated purpose of the journal is "to provide a focus for the judicious dissemination of results of experimental studies of immune activities as they are induced, expressed, and regulated in different regions of the body.

Mucosal Immunology
Immune Mechanisms
Ocular Immunology
Autoimmune disease
Pediatric immunology

Transplantation Immunology
Transplantation is the act of transferring cells, tissues, or organs from one site to another in the living body. Most of the kidney, liver, heart, lung, or pancreas main organs transplant from a donor to recipient. But the immune system is the most formidable barrier to transplantation as a treatment. The immune system is developed very specifically and effectively to recognise foreign agents and self-antigen of the body, and this mechanisms are also involved in the rejection of transplanted organs of the body and reject the transplantation.

Organ transplantation failure
Hair Transplantation
Pediatric Transplant
Bone marrow Transplant
Transplantation Technologies & Research
Transplantation Rejection

Viral Immunology & Infection control

Viral Immunology delivers cutting-edge peer-reviewed research on emerging, rare, and under-studied viruses, with special focus on analyzing mutual relationships between external viruses and internal immunity. Active immunization involves administering a virus preparation that stimulates the body's immune system to produce its own specific immunity against virus.

Immunopathology and Immunodeficiencies

The Immunopathology and Immunodeficiencies is innate and acquired immunity, passive and active immunization and immunopathologies, such as hypersensitivity reactions, autoimmunity and immunodeficiency and all disorders which cause by immune system.The Immunopathology is a branch of medicine that deals with immune responses associated with immunological disorders, and the Immunodeficiencies is immune system's ability to fight infectious disease get low or absent.

Microbial, Parasitic, and Fungal Immunology

Microbial, Parasitic, and Fungal Immunology is the study of the molecular and infection causing mechanisms used by microbes, Parasites & fungal but the Immune response show mechanism to destroy the infection as Immune system show specific immune response towards specific Infection. Microbes, Parasite, and Fungus which enters the body and triggers the development of an infection and cause damage to the host.

Immunology Info

List of Immunology Journals


  • American Journal of Immunology
  • American Journal of Reproductive Immunology
  • American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology
  • Albanian Journal of Biomedical Sciences
  • Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
  • Annual Review of Immunology
  • Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology
  • Austin Journal of Clinical Immunology


  • Brain, Behaviour and Immunity journal
  • Brazilian Journal of Allergy and Immunology


  • Canadian Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • Clinical & Applied Immunology Reviews
  • Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology journal
  • Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy journal
  • Cancer Immunology journal
  • Clinical and Vaccine Immunology journal
  • Chinese Journal of Immunology
  • Chinese Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Critical Reviews in Immunology
  • Current Opinion in Immunology
  • Cuban Journal of Hematology, Immunology and Hemotherapy
  • Cytokine journal
  • Cytotherapy journal


  • Expert Review of Clinical Immunology
  • European Journal of Immunology
  • European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Egyptian Journal of Immunology


  • Human Immunology journal


  • Immunity journal
  • Immunochemistry & Immunopathology journal
  • Immunological Disorders & Immunotherapy journal
  • Immunogenetics journal
  • Immunome Research Journal
  • Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology journal
  • Immunotherapy journal
  • Immunology and Infectious Diseases Research Journals
  • International Journal of Immunological Studies
  • Inflammation Research journal
  • Innate Immunity journal
  • Indian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
  • Indian Journal of Immunology and Respiratory Medicine
  • International Immunology journal
  • International Reviews of Immunology
  • Iranian Journal of Immunology
  • Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
  • Italian journal of allergy and clinical immunology


  • Japanese Journal of Clinical Immunology
  • The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • Journal of Autoimmunity
  • Journals on Basic immunology
  • Journal of Clinical Immunology
  • Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology
  • Journal of Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology Research
  • Journal of Immunobiology
  • Journal of Immunology
  • Journal of Immunotoxicology
  • Journal of Inflammation Research
  • Journal of Immunology Research
  • Journal of Immunological Methods
  • Journal of Immunological Techniques & Infectious Diseases
  • Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immunity
  • Journal of Innate Immunity
  • Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology
  • Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology
  • Journal of Neuroimmunology
  • Journal of Reproductive Immunology


  • Korean Journal of Immunology


  • Medical Microbiology and Immunology Journal
  • Molecular Immunology journal
  • Mucosal Immunology journal


  • Nature Immunology
  • Nature Reviews Immunology


  • Paediatric Allergy and Immunology journal
  • Philippine journal of allergy, asthma and immunology
  • Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine journal


  • Romanian Archives of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Russian Journal of Immunology


  • Trends in Immunology
  • Turkish Journal of Immunology


  • Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology journal
  • Viral Immunology journal

List of Immunology Conferences:

  • AAAAI Annual Meeting 2018 - American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Meetings, March 2-5, 2018, Orlando, United States
  • Autoimmunity and Immunity conferences, 17–21 June 2018, Dresden, Germany
  • The Australasian Society for Immunology, Immunology Conferences, 27–01 Dec 2017, Brisbane, Australia
  • Allergy and Immunology conference for Primary Care Providers 2018, August 4-11, 2018, Honolulu, United States
  • 12th Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology conference, October 1-2, 2018, Moscow, Russia
  • 20th International Conference on Allergy, Asthma, Immunology and Rheumatology, 03-04 May, 2018 Rome, Italy
  • 11th International Autoimmunity congress, May 16-20, 2018, Lisbon, Portugal
  • British Society for Immunology, Immunology Conferences, 04–07 Dec 2017, Brighton, UK
  • Cellular Immunology and Immunotherapeutics conferences, November 20-22, 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Clinical Immunological Society, Immunology Meetings, April 26-29th 2018, Toronto, Canada
  • 5th European Immunology Congress, September 2-5, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 9th European Immunology Conference, June 14-16, 2018 Rome, Italy
  • Global Cell biology and Immunology Summit, May 28-29, 2018, Osaka, Japan
  • Immunochemistry conference and Immunobiology conferences, 10–15 June 2018, West Dover, US
  • 6th Immunotoxicity and Immunogenicity Conferences, February 1-2, 2018, San Diego, United States
  • Immunology-Oncology Meetings, February 7-9, 2018, New York City, United States
  • Immunology and Infectious Diseases Conferences, May 10-12, 2018, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 10th Immunomonitoring & Immunotherapy Conferences, February 1-2, 2018, San Diego, United States
  • International Immunology and Immunotechnology Conference, 01–03 Nov 2017, Barcelona, Spain
  • 10th FAIS-African Immunology Congress, Dec 03 – Dec 07 2017, Hammamet, Tunisia
  • 20th International Immunology Conferences, February 15 - 16, 2018, London, United Kingdom
  • XII Congress of the Latin American Association of Immunology & XXIII Congress of the Mexican Society of Immunology, Immunology conference, 14 May - 18 May 2018, Mexico
  • Microbiology, Virology and Immunology conferences, December 1-3, 2017, Sanya, China
  • 9th Molecular Immunology conferences & Immunogenetics Congress, March 8-9, 2018, London, United Kingdom
  • 3rd Tumor & Cancer Immunology conference and Immunotherapy meetings, September 17-18, 2018, San Diego, United States
  • Vaccines and Immunology Conferences, April 16-18, 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Immunology Hospitals:

1. Immunology Hospitals in Algeria

  • Hopital Mustapha Bacha
  • Hopital Birtraria

2. Immunology Hospitals in Argentina

  • University Hospital Austral
  • RP Medical Center
  • British Hospital
  • Italian Hospital
  • Hospital Alemán

3. Immunology Hospitals in Australia

  • St Vincent's Hospital
  • The Royal Children's Hospital
  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital-Immunology
  • John Hunter Hospital Immunology & Infectious Diseases Unit
  • Canberra Hospital
  • John James Medical Centre

4. Immunology Hospitals in Austria

  • General Hospital of the City of Vienna
  • Döbling Private Hospital
  • Rudolfinerhaus private clinic
  • Country hospital Graz West
  • General public hospital of Elisabethins
  • Vienna General Hospital

5. Immunology Hospitals in Belgium

  • University Hospital Antwerp
  • Hospital Erasme
  • Jules Bordet Institute
  • Brugmann University Hospital
  • Saint-Pierre University Hospital

6. Immunology Hospitals in Cameroon

  • Mbingo Baptist Hospital
  • Central Hospital of Yaoundé
  • Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Center
  • General Hospital of Garoua
  • Limbe Provincial Hospital

7. Immunology Hospitals in Canada

  • CHU Sainte-Justine
  • The Montreal Children's Hospital
  • Jewish General Hospital
  • St. Paul's Hospital
  • Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

8. Immunology Hospitals in Chile

  • Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital
  • Gustavo Fricke Hospital
  • Hospital Regional Guillermo Grant Benavente
  • Naval Hospital of Puerto Williams
  • Hospital San Juan de Dios
  • Hospital Barros Luco

9. Immunology Hospitals in China

  • Guangdong Provincial TCM Hospital
  • Xianqiao Hospital Third Medical University
  • Beijing Hospital
  • Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital
  • West China Hospital

10. Immunology Hospitals in Czech Republic

  • Na Homolce Hospital
  • University Hospital Motol
  • Canadian Medical Care
  • Thomayer Hospital

11. Immunology Hospitals in Denmark

  • Aarhus University Hospital
  • Rigshospitalet
  • Odense University Hospital
  • Faxing Hospital
  • Allerød Private Hospital

12. Immunology Hospitals in Egypt

  • The Egyptian Hospital
  • Cleopatra Hospital
  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital
  • Sharm El Sheikh International Hospital
  • Tanta University Hospital

13. Immunology Hospitals in Finland

  • Central Finland Central Hospital
  • Helsinki Hospital
  • Docrates Cancer Center
  • Tampere University Hospital
  • Kuopio University Hospital
  • Turku University Hospital

14. Immunology Hospitals in France

  • CHP Saint-Grégoire
  • American Hospital of Paris
  • Angers University Hospital
  • Hôpital de Hautepierre
  • Hôtel-Dieu de Paris
  • Grenoble University Hospital

15. Immunology Hospitals in Germany

  • University Medical Center Freiburg
  • Heidelberg University Hospital
  • Augsburg Hospital
  • Rechts der Isar Hospital
  • University Medical Center Erlangen

16. Immunology Hospitals in Greece

  • AHEPA University Hospital
  • Agios Andreas Hospital
  • Chania General Hospital
  • Ioannina University Hospital
  • Karditsa General Hospital

17. Immunology Hospitals in Guyana

  • Woodlands Hospital
  • Davis Memorial Hospital
  • Dr.Balwant Singh's Hospital
  • Medical Arts Center
  • Georgetown Public Hospital
  • St Joseph Mercy Hospital

18. Immunology Hospitals in Hungary

  • Medicover Hospital Hungary
  • Dr. Rose Private Hospital
  • Károlyi Sándor Hospital
  • Gusztáv Merényi Hospital
  • Ferenc Jáhn Hospital

19. Immunology Hospitals in India

  • Chanre Rheumatology & Immunology Center
  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals
  • Continental Hospitals
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  • St Marys Hospital

20. Immunology Hospitals in Indonesia

  • Mayapada Hospital Jakarta Selatan
  • Rumah Sakit Columbia Asia Semarang
  • Awal Bros Batam Hospital
  • OMNI Hospitals Pulomas
  • BIMC Hospital Kuta
  • Columbia Asia Hospital Pulomas

21. Immunology Hospitals in Iran

  • Namazi Hospital
  • Milad Hospital
  • Shafa Yahyaian Hospital

22. Immunology Hospitals in Italy

  • Salvator Mundi International Hospital
  • US Navy Hospital
  • Bambino Gesù Hospital
  • Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova
  • Niguarda Ca 'Granda Hospital

24. Immunology Hospitals in Kenya

  • Nazareth Hospital Kenya
  • AIC Cure International Hospital Kenya
  • Maua Methodist Hospital
  • Kijabe Mission Hospital
  • Kenyatta National Hospital

25. Immunology Hospitals in Kuwait

  • Al-Amiri Hospital
  • Royale Hayat Hospital
  • Al Salam International Hospital
  • Al Seef Hospital
  • Hadi Hospital
  • Mowasat hospital

26. Immunology Hospitals in Latvia

  • Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital
  • Private Hospital Adazi
  • Riga East Clinical University Hospital
  • Šmerlis Independent Hospital
  • Bikur Holim Hospital

27. Immunology Hospitals in Lebanon

  • Mount Lebanon Hospital
  • Hôtel-Dieu De France Hospital
  • Saint George Hospital
  • Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui
  • Bellevue Medical Center

28. Immunology Hospitals in Libya

  • Libyan German Hospital
  • Tripoli Central Hospital
  • Libyan European Hospital
  • Saint James Clinic Janzour Branch

29. Immunology Hospitals in Luxembourg

  • European Institute De La Main
  • Centre Médical Mercure
  • Haus Omega
  • Hospital Center De Luxembourg

30. Immunology Hospitals in Malaysia

  • Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur
  • Kuching Specialist Hospital
  • Beacon Hospital
  • Pantai Hospital Ipoh
  • Timberland Medical Centre
  • Island Hospital

31. Immunology Hospitals in Mauritius

  • Wellkin Hospital
  • Victoria Hospital
  • Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital
  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National (SSRN) Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital

32. Immunology Hospitals in Mexico

  • Juarez Hospital in Mexico
  • Hospital Velmar
  • Galenia Hospital
  • Hospital Angeles
  • Salutaris Medical Center

33. Immunology Hospitals in Namibia

  • Rundu Hospital
  • Windhoek Central Hospital
  • Welwitschia Hospital
  • Lady Pohamba Private Hospital
  • Ongwediva Medipark
  • Paramount Private Hospital

34. Immunology Hospitals in Nepal

  • Civil Service Hospital of Nepal
  • Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital
  • Norvic International Hospital
  • Grande International Hospital
  • Tansen Hospital

35. Immunology Hospitals in Netherlands

  • Academic Medical Centre
  • Academic Hospital Maastricht
  • Erasmus MC
  • Radboudumc
  • UMC Utrecht
  • Amsterdam Rheumatology & Immunology Center

36. Immunology Hospitals in New Zealand

  • Starship Children's Hospital
  • Grafton Specialists
  • Medical Research Institute of New Zealand
  • North Shore Hospital
  • Auckland City Hospital

37. Immunology Hospitals in Nigeria

  • Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital
  • Nizamiye Hospital
  • Vedic Lifecare Hospital
  • University of Benin Teaching Hospital
  • University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital

38. Immunology Hospitals in Korea

  • Asan Medical Center
  • Severance Hospital
  • Seoul National University Hospital
  • Ajou University Hospital
  • Cheil General Hospital
  • Konyang University Hospital

39. Immunology Hospitals in Norway

  • University Hospital of North Norway
  • Norwegian Radium Hospital
  • St. Olav's University Hospital
  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Haukeland University Hospital

40. Immunology Hospitals in Peru

  • Diospi Suyana
  • Anglo American Clinic
  • National Hospital Arzobispo Loayza
  • National Hospital Dos de Mayo

41. Immunology Hospitals in Philippines

  • Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center
  • Manila Doctors Hospital
  • Philippine General Hospital
  • Up-Philippine General Hospital
  • General Santos Doctors Hospital
  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center

42. Immunology Hospitals in Poland

  • Medicover Hospital
  • Damian Medical Centre
  • University Hospital, Cracow
  • Independent Public Clinical Hospital, Lublin
  • Central Clinical Hospital, Katowice

43. Immunology Hospitals in Portugal

  • British Hospital Lisbon
  • Hospital S. Gonçalo de Lagos
  • Cova da Beira Hospital Center
  • Hospital of Cascais
  • Alto Ave Hospital

44. Immunology Hospitals in Puerto Rico

  • Hospital UPR
  • Caribbean Medical Center
  • Hospital Hermanos Melendez
  • Centro Médico Menonita de Cayey
  • University District Hospital

45. Immunology Hospitals in Qatar

  • Al Emadi Hospital
  • Al-Ahli Hospital
  • Cuban Hospital
  • KIMS Qatar Medical Center
  • Hamad General Hospital
  • Rumailah Hospital

46. Immunology Hospitals in Romania

  • ColÈ›ea Hospital
  • Alba Iulia Emergency County Hospital
  • Zlatna Town Hospital
  • Arad County Clinical Hospital
  • Sf. Gheorghe Hospital

47. Immunology Hospitals in Russia

  • GMS Clinic Yamskaya
  • American Medical Clinic
  • European Medical Centre
  • Echinacea Clinic
  • Russian Children's Clinical Hospital

48. Immunology Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
  • National center of allergy asthma and immunology
  • King Fahd University Hospital
  • Dallah Hospital
  • Al Jazeera Hospital

49. Immunology Hospitals in Serbia

  • Nova Vita Hospital
  • Military Medical Academy
  • Clinical Centre of Serbia

50. Immunology Hospitals in Sierra Leone

  • St. John of God Catholic Hospital
  • Holy Spirit Hospital
  • Ola Children's Hospital
  • Choithram Memorial Hospital
  • Davidson Nicol Medical Centre

51. Immunology Hospitals in Singapore

  • KK Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Rheumatology & Immunology clinic
  • National University Hospital
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital

52. Immunology Hospitals in Slovenia

  • University Medical Centre Maribor
  • University Clinical Center, Zaloška cesta
  • Brezice General Hospital
  • Jesenice General Hospital
  • Novo Mesto General Hospital

53. Immunology Hospitals in South Africa

  • Cape Town Allergy Clinic
  • Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
  • Life Healthcare Hospital Group
  • Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital
  • Life Kingsbury Hospital
  • Netcare Group

54. Immunology Hospitals in South Sudan

  • Aweil Civil Hospital
  • Bentiu Civil Hospital
  • Juba Teaching Hospital
  • Malakal Teaching Hospital

55. Immunology Hospitals in Spain

  • Hospital Quirón Torrevieja
  • Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona
  • Hospital Universitario HM Madrid
  • Vithas Xanit International Hospital
  • Hospitales San Roque
  • Sanitas Hospitales

56. Immunology Hospitals in Sri Lanka

  • Durdans Hospital
  • Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital
  • Asiri Surgical Hospital
  • Lanka Hospitals
  • Nawaloka Hospital

57. Immunology Hospitals in Sudan

  • Ad-Damazin Hospital
  • Bahry Hospital
  • El-Ban Jadeed Hospital
  • Khartoum Hospital
  • Sahiroon Specialised Hospital

58. Immunology Hospitals in Sweden

  • Uppsala University Hospital
  • Karolinska University Hospital
  • University Hospital of Lund
  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital
  • Swedish Covenant Hospital

59. Immunology Hospitals in Switzerland

  • Hirslanden Private Hospital Group
  • University Hospital Zurich
  • University Hospital of Lausanne
  • Bethesda Hospital
  • Hospital San Giovanni

60. Immunology Hospitals in Tanzania

  • Aga Khan Hospital
  • SANITAS Hospital
  • Regency Medical Centre
  • Sali International Hospital
  • CCBRT Hospital
  • Apollo Medical Centre

61. Immunology Hospitals in Thailand

  • Bumrungrad Hospital
  • King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
  • Ramathibodi Hospital
  • Bang Khun Thian Hospital
  • Luang Pho Taweesak Hospital

62. Immunology Hospitals in Trinidad & Tobago

  • San Fernando General Hospital
  • Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
  • Scarborough General Hospital
  • Arima District Hospital
  • Couva District Hospital

63. Immunology Hospitals in Turkey

  • Istanbul Memorial Hospital
  • Anadolu Medical Center
  • Medipol Mega University Hospital
  • Koc University Hospital
  • Medicana Healthcare Group
  • Avcilar Hospital

64. Immunology Hospitals in Ukraine

  • Military Clinical Hospital
  • National Emergency and Trauma Hospital
  • Ukrainian Children Specialized Hospital
  • City Clinical Hospital
  • Regional Clinical Hospital

65. Immunology Hospitals in United Arab Emirates

  • NMC Specialty Hospital Al Nahda
  • Emirates French Hospital
  • Burjeel Hospital
  • Seha Emirates Hospital
  • Al Mafraq Hospital

66. Immunology Hospitals in USA

  • Mayo Clinic
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • UCSF Medical Center
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital

67. Immunology Hospitals in Venezuela

  • University Hospital – Maracaibo
  • Hospital Clínicas Caracas
  • Hospital Luis Razetti
  • Hospital José María Vargas
  • Hospital Clínico Universitario

68. Immunology Hospitals in Vietnam

  • Bach Mai Hospital
  • Mai Huong Hospital
  • Saint Paul Hospital
  • Thanh Nhan Hospital
  • Vietnam-Cuba Hospital

69. Immunology Hospitals in Yemen

  • Al Jomhury Hospital
  • Modern German Hospital
  • Ibn Sina Hospital
  • Yemen-German Hospital
  • Al-Thawrah Hospital

70. Immunology Hospitals in Zimbabwe

  • BMC Hospital
  • Citimed Chitungwiza Hospital
  • Parirenyatwa Hospital
  • Central Harare Hospital
  • Belvedere Medical Centre


List of Immunology Societies


  • Armenian Association of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Immunology
  • Alabama Society of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
  • American Association of Immunologists
  • American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
  • American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association
  • The Armenian Association of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Immunology
  • Argentine Society of Immunology
  • Australasian Society for Immunology
  • Austrian Society for Allergology and Immunology


  • Bangladesh Medical Immunology Society
  • Belgian Immunological Society
  • British Society for Immunology
  • Brazilian Society of Immunology
  • Bulgarian Society for Immunology


  • Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • Chinese Society for Immunology
  • Czech Immunological Society
  • Croatian Immunological Society


  • Dutch Society for Immunology


  • Egyptian Society of Immunology
  • European Federation of Immunological Societies
  • European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • Estonian Society for Immunology and Allergology


  • Federation of African Immunological Societies
  • Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies
  • French Society for Immunology


  • German Society for Immunology
  • Georgian Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology


  • Hellenic Society of Immunology
  • Hungarian Society for Immunology


  • Iranian Society for Immunology and Allergy
  • Irish Society for Immunology
  • Israel Immunological Society
  • Immunology Society of Slovenia
  • Immunological Society of Serbia
  • International Society of Neuroimmunology
  • Italian Society for Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology


  • Japanese Society for Immunology


  • Kenya Society of Immunology
  • Kosovo Allergy Asthma and Immunology Association
  • Korean Association of Immunologists


  • Latvian Association of Immunologists
  • Lithuanian Society for Immunology


  • Nigerian Society for Immunology


  • Portuguese Society for Immunology
  • Polish Society for Fundamental and Clinical Immunology


  • Romanian Society for Immunology
  • Russian Society for Immunology


  • Scandinavian Society for Immunology
  • Slovak Immunological Society
  • South African Immunology Society
  • Spanish Society for Immunology
  • Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology


  • Tanzania Immunology Society
  • Turkish Society of Immunology
  • Tunisian Society of Immunology


  • Ukrainian Society of Specialists in Clinical Immunology and Allergy


  • Zimbabwe Society of Immunology

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Market Analysis

Importance & Scope:

The infectious immunology market is segmented based on types of diseases into HIV, hepatitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, malaria, inflammatory bowel diseases and autoimmune diseases. Approximately 5,00,000 deaths are estimated to be caused by rotavirus infection. HBV affected nearly 1.9 million in the U.S. in 2013. According to the journal published by BioMed Central, rotavirus infection the leading cause of severe dehydrating diarrhea among children worldwide. Every year rotavirus infection causes an estimated 111 million diarrhea episodes leading to 2 million hospitalization cases and 400,000 deaths of children under 5 years.

Therapeutics Market: Key Players

Johnson & Johnson
Eli Lilly

The market is expected to experience continued growth, from $61.5 billion in 2015 to $74.2 billion in 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 2.71%.Immunology Market to 2022: From $61.5 Billion in 2015 to $74.2 Billion - Large Pipeline and Competitive Market to Drive Long-Term Market Growth. Global Immunology Market to 2022 is the Large pipeline and competitive market to drive long-term market growth



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